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   Almost twenty years ago, the professionals of ClergyTech, created the Nation's very first on-line payroll system designed exclusively for churches and related ministries: ChurchPayroll.com.  

   Today, whether your ministry is large or small, you can enjoy the confidence, security and peace-of-mind, that comes from knowing your payroll and employment-tax matters are in the qualified and experienced hands of the Nation’s premier church payroll and tax specialists. We specialize in creating solutions that are "tailor-made" to meet your ministry's unique needs.  We want to help you.

A Full-Service Payroll Solution You Can Feel Good About


When to comes to helping churches avoid problems with the IRS, nothing matters more than experience. The special rules affecting churches and ministers are complicated and often confusing, even to some legal and accounting professionals. You can relax now, we have been helping churches with payroll and accounting solutions since 1987. We created the first on-line payroll solution from the ground up in 1997. Put our unparalleled experience to work for your Ministry.


From the inception of this company we have had a single focus, and that is, helping our clients meet their legal responsibilities with excellence. That is ALL we do. Church Payroll has our undivided attention. As our client, you can have the confidence that our focus is on providing you and your church the attention you need and deserve. Ministry is about RELATIONSHIPS. We will take the time to get to know you and to understand your ministry'’s unique needs and create solutions tailor-made to meet those needs..


As pioneers of internet payroll services for churches, we are uniquely experienced in providing service that is uncomplicated and easy- to=use. Our professional staff understands the laws that affect you and your church. You will find that they are dedicated to answer clients’ questions with accuracy and authority. They will not direct you to some internet article, book or brochure you have to download, read and hope you can understand and interpret correctly. We understand you are busy and will do all we can to help you

You Tell Us Who To Pay And When... We'll Do The Rest!